Management Team


In today's business environment it is crucial that an enterprice is operated by a team of officials with expertise and experience. That is why the members of ARKTIKGAZ PETROLEUM REFINERY «OJSC ARKTIKGAZ» is an exceptionally successful team, our professionals are experienced and highly qualified in thier respective fields.

All employees undergo special training profile, as well as improving their knowledge on business training and workshops in which the participants are informed about innovations in the field of petroleum refining and international trade. Employees of ARKTIKGAZ PETROLEUM REFINERY «OJSC ARKTIKGAZ» have the knowledge of several foreign languages, which certainly contributes to mutual understanding with foreign clients and partners.

All members of the professional team work together in a way that customers can safely and confidently recommend ARKTIKGAZ PETROLEUM REFINERY «OJSC ARKTIKGAZ» to its partners as a company that always fulfills its obligations . Day by day, step by step, entering into negotiations, finding an individual approach to every problem, developing and implementing optimal solutions in the production and delivery of our products at ARKTIKGAZ PETROLEUM REFINERY «OJSC ARKTIKGAZ» . The aim is to provide exceptional produucts and service to our clients.