For Investors


Our Refinery welcomes investors in a partnership agreement with our Refinery, The need for the modernization of our various refining plants is called for as the demand of petroleum products from the Russian Federation is on the rise annually.

In accordance to trends in the Russian oil industry, the need of modernized designs, technology and equipment arise for the construction stage of the plant in order to increase the depth of oil refining, and the product of Euro-3 and Euro-4.

Investors are invited to share in the projects:

- The investor acquires 35% of shares. Investment proposal 1: Investment proposal. The modernization of an oil refinery in Rostov Region - refineries based on modular units with oil refining capacity of 950 thousand tons of crude oil a year. Estimated volume of refinery products:

Gasoline 300 000 tonnes;
Diesel fuel, 340,000 tons;
Mazut M100 300,000 tons.

Marketing studies have shown that the region is stable, independent of the season, and the effective demand for these petroleum products in these regions is expressed by the following indicators:

On light oil products (petrol, diesel) - up to 2500 tons per year;
For fuel oil - up to 300 thousand tons per year;

The economic performance of the project: the estimated cost of re-construction and modernization of the refinery is 2 billion. The final cost of the project will be adjusted to meet the requirements of the Investor and the additional design decisions. Investment proposal 2: - Trading base with a berth in the Kamchasky Region. The possibility of development of port export terminal for shipments to The international market. Trading companies / producers and exporters of metals / Investor.
The territory of 1.65 hectares located warehouse and auxiliary building area of ​​2652 m2, and the elements of port infrastructure - loading area (area is 1,405 m2) and 217 m long jetty This allows you to use an object as a river and sea port of the Volga-Caspian basin. The most effective uses of the assets object:

The use of storage facilities as a rental complex. The estimated value of the asset is about 120.250 million rubles. IRR of the project to 34% (excluding the possibility of dynamic growth in prices after the crisis).
Using a database to organize their own trading operations in the Caspian basin. Ability to export metal trade IRR = 64% (Baseline scenario).


Corporate Governance
In keeping with OJSC ARKTIKGAZ strategy, a developed system of corporate governance is one of the key elements in creating a balanced, dynamic, vertically integrated company of global stature.
Arktikgaz is building a corporate governance system practicing openness and transparency and strictly complying with Russian legislation
In its efforts to meet the highest international standards, the Company constantly monitors and applies the international best practices of corporate governance
The main areas of Arktikgaz corporate governance policy are

strict compliance with shareholder interests and dedication to the protection of their rights;
introduction of uniform management standards across all Company structures;
improvement of Company information policy and internal control systems;
implementation of the principles of openness and transparency;
constructive engagement with the Company’s investors, employees and business partners;
active implementation of the best practices of corporate governance.

The Company’s corporate governance structure is based on the following key principles:

transparency of all processes to shareholders, investors and partners;
an active and competent Board of Directors;
consistent and collective decision-making.

Arktikgaz principal governing bodies are

The General Meeting of Shareholders
The Board of Directors
The Management Board (collective executive body)
The President (sole executive body)

The Company’s principles and procedures of corporate governance are set out in its Charter and a number of other publicly available internal documents that collectively define the structure and authority of management and control over the Company’s financial and operating activities. The Code of Corporate Conduct and Code of Eyhics contains additional obligations in the areas of openness, social responsibility and business ethics.